NeoSys is working with many different projects in Sweden. Our goal is to be able to provide the nuclear industry within Europe and internationally, with a security solution.


SKB Svensk Kärnbränslehantering AB – SKB

Handles the nuclear waste in Sweden. They are conducting research in underground facilities and operating storage facilities for different types of radioactive waste. The SKB laboratory has been our customer for many years.


Indentec Solutions

A NeoSys partner. Indentec Solutions is world leading in RFID solutions. NeoSys's competency in the nuclear industry "ALFAGATE", along with Indentec Solution's knowledge in mining, tunnel and offshore industries provides the optimal security solution for our customers' personnel working in high-risk fields.

Our services and products

• Software for RFID-segment

• Software for monitoring

Hardware Integration

Consulting services for RFID

Project Management