Alfagate is a security system for the nuclear industry and the repository

Staff, vehicles or other objects are provided with an active transmitter. The area being observed is divided into different zones where our antennas/receivers are placed. Our custom made software compiles and provides an overview of all monitored objects in the area's different zones.

This will be tweaked to meet the requirements and demands of our customers. The system, for example, can provide alarm indications if a person is in the wrong zone, or if a visitor has fallen behind the rest of the group.

Our services and products

• Software for RFID-segment

• Software for monitoring

Hardware Integration

Consulting services for RFID

Project Management

We also have solutions regarding:


• Oil and gas industry

• Tunnel and Mining industry


along with our partner
Identec Solutions

System guide


Research and development

NeoSys is not a stand still company. We do not sit back, thinking that we have reached our full potential, we are always looking for ways to improve and develop. We are actively participating in the research and developmental work that is conducted within the framework of Nova FOU.


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